Monday, January 23, 2012

In Your Hands

In Your hands, You hold me

I am Yours, sweet Lord, I am Yours

You have drawn me from the darkness

into Your loving light

You wash me with Your peace

You cleanse me with Your love

once burdened with the pain

laden with the guilt, of the things I have done

now forgiven, fully forgiven

my soul, filled with Your Spirit, sings

joyous songs of praise

shout Hallelujah for You are Lord

I fear no more, I worry no more

for I know, safe in Your loving I remain

secure in Your hands, always

nothing can draw me away, nothing can steal me

from Your hold

You are the Good shepherd

and I unashamed, Your sheep

I hear Your voice and I follow You

knowing You will keep me safe

You are the Way, the only Way

to eternity with the Father

I trust in You, I follow You

for I know, You are Lord

You open Your arms to all who believe

You wash in loving, bless Your children with peace

safe always in You

for nothing can pull us away from You

You hold tight to those that are Yours

washed in mercy, cleansed in peace

held in grace

You are Lord, I will fear no more

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