Monday, February 6, 2012

My story- when my storm blew pink

                                       me-right after I completed my radiation treatments in 2008

I had decided that I would not share my cancer story again this year. My thoughts were that I had told it every year from the very beginning. Every one had heard or read it. But then I realized that I am on different 'social' sites now and I have new friends that have not heard my story. I do not share this as a means to get sympathy, I don't want it, or actually need it. My cancer is gone- has been gone, and I'm doing fine. My story is one not unlike so many others- except for the fact that it is my story. My life, my battle.. only..I knew from the very beginning, that in this battle I was not alone. And I knew, that no matter what happened, how it turned out, I'd be fine.

I went for a physical right after my fiftieth birthday. As important as they are, I honestly dislike getting a physical. They are uncomfortable, embarrassing and your imagination can only take you so far away from what is going on. But I digress. On this particular visit my doctor decided that it was time I had a mammogram. In the past he had said that the density of the breast tissues were such that he didn't think I needed one yet, but now it was time. I shrugged and agreed for them to set up the appointment. I was not in the least concerned as there was no history of breast cancer in my family. No history no worries right? Wrong.

I went for my first mammogram not really knowing what to expect other than the fact I was going to be very uncomfortably mashed. The people there were very nice, very helpful. After all was said and done I was told that being this was my first mammogram and that they had nothing to compare to that I might be called back for more images and if that happened not to worry. I smiled, said okay and returned to the dressing room. Leaving I waved and headed for home. When the letter came saying they needed to take more images I wasn't worried. I had been told this might happen. So here it was the day after Christmas, everyone else was headed for the stores and mom and I were sitting in somewhat uncomfortable chairs waiting my turn to go back for more mangling. Afterwards we would hit the stores.

When my name was called I left my coat and purse with mom and followed the person who had called me. Stepping into the designated dressing room I got ready. When I was called again I followed the next person to 'the Mangler'. I was all nonchalant about it until I realized she was just doing one side. Over and over again. I was asked a couple of times to wait while she took the images to the doctor. I was then told that I could get dressed but that they wanted to do an ultrasound. I was beginning to get just a tad bit nervous.

Once I was dressed I was lead back to the waiting area. The lady leading the way was chatting away about silly things. She was actually babbling and that did not help my nerves that were beginning to get on edge. I told mom what they wanted and she got the deer in the headlights look. We didn't have long to wait before my name was called again. I guess that going the day when everyone else was out shopping helped in that aspect. Lead off in a different direction I followed the leader into a room where I was told to get undressed from the waist up, put on a lovely paper vest and wait. It was really, really cold in that room. Thankfully I didn't have to wait too terribly long before the technician came in and began the tests. I had no clue what I was looking at but they obviously did. She kept going back to the same area over and over again. Something, that I was sure I didn't want, was there. Of course they weren't going to tell me anything, that was going to be left to my doctor.

After the tests were completed and I was dressed I was told I would be hearing something soon. Mom and I left, but I wasn't too much in the mood for shopping now and neither was she. We did try, but we gave up quickly and went home. All I could do now was wait.
to be continued......

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  1. Thanks for keeping your personal story out there as it could be the one story that sends someone for their first mammogram, or to encourage and guide one who has gone down a similar path, thus enabling them to remain positive and take one step at a time. I will be going in 2 months for my yearly checkup and with it comes anticipation on the 'what ifs', yet I will keep the faith bulb turned on and ask God to sit in the pilot's seat. Though this will be my 12th exam, I will say my prayers not only for myself, but to all those out there going in for their appointment. No matter the setbacks we may encounter, it is comforting to know that someone else out there has taken the time to share their story. Thank you for all you continue to for breast cancer awareness.