Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One more Day-- What if?

One more day- the latest Relay for Life Challenge. What if--we had one more day? If we could spend one more day with someone special? Do you remember their smile? Do you remember those hugs, the special meals they created or the time spent enjoying those moments together as you enjoyed either a meal they spent time preparing, or even one out at a restaurant you both loved? Maybe it was just cookies and milk-water, soda wine.. out on a bench under that big tree out back. Maybe it was just hearing them whisper- I love you. One more day, what if you had one more day?

Would you walk along that path through the woods?

Would you hold each other and dance in the rain? Under a rainbow? under a full moon?

What if it was a child you wanted one more day with? Would you play in the puddles? Enjoy a county fair? Eat corndogs and cottoncandy until your belly hurt but it wouldn't matter because you had one more day? To hear the laughter and see that precious smile?

What if you had-- one more day?

What if- one more day, kept going?

What if- a cure was found? Because someone cared enough to donate that one more dollar? What if that one more dollar was spent on that one more test and that one more test was that Eureka moment and everything fell into place? What if???

My mother always made the same comment to me when ever I would say "If" "If a hoppy toad had wings it wouldn't bump its butt on the ground" Thanks mom--but I say.. IF, enough people help, IF enough people donate, IF enough people participate, IF we had one more dollar to help find a way, to give people one more day, to celebrate one more birthday... then maybe then, we can help fund the research, help find that Eureka moment and find that cure..no, we'll never be able to bring anyone back for that one more moment- but- we can with help, find the way to have them here just a bit longer..
Won't YOU consider donating to the ACS and support Relay for Life- through time, talent and yes money..won't YOU help create one more day?

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