Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When my Storm blew pink prt 2 of my cancer story

It wasn't long before I had an appointment scheduled with a surgeon. The very word surgeon had me nervous. Not because of what I might find out-but because I have a spring loaded foot. Yes, I am notorious about opening mouth and inserting foot. Even without meeting this doctor I could see myself saying something absolutely ridiculous. I am also very adept at getting lost, and being someone who doesn't go very far alone I could just see me doing exactly that when I went to find the office.

When the time came for my appointment I left work and drove over. I only missed the road I was supposed to turn onto once. I found the office and went inside to sign in. There posted on the window was a notice that the doctor was running late. I could reschedule or I could wait. I decided to wait...and wait..and wait. If I am forced to be still for too long, I get sleepy. By the time my name was finally called I was fighting sleep like mad. I'm sure the people around me must have wondered, but I did not allow myself to look around. I stood and followed the person who had called me. We went through the regular exam stuff and then she left me to wait on the doctor.

I was not expecting the person who entered that examining room. The Good Lord was looking out for me because He sent me to this wonderfully "I am who I am, accept it" doctor. She was dressed in a manner that was definitely different and definitely fit her personality. I knew immediately that I liked this person. We talked for a few minutes over what the radiologist thought they saw on the images. She wanted to do her own ultrasound. Telling me to undress from the waist up she went for her portable ultrasound machine. By the time she returned I was ready.

As she performed the test I watched the screen. I still had no idea what I was looking at but she did. And she kept returning to the same area that the technician had at the Imaging Center. When she began to show me what she was looking at and explaining mouth popped into action. When she said that the area had no real form I told her it looked like a cat--so did that in fact make what she was doing a cat scan? um, no.

After a discussion it was decided that she would do a needle biopsy. Calling for her assistant she said something about a doing the needle biopsy because of something that was seen on the cat scan..the look on that lady's face was priceless. But the needle biopsy? That actually hurt. I mean that really hurt. Some places just were not designed for needles. I returned to work in a bit of pain that took quite a few over the counter pain pills to ease. I had a week before I would know the results. All I could do now was wait-- hope-- and pray.

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