Sunday, October 23, 2011

Break this heart

Break this heart Lord, I ask You

kneeling here, before You

seeking Your will, break this heart

calloused and cold strong of will

break it that it will feel

the pain of Your children

break it that I Lord, will reach out

move from this sheltered corner

open my eyes to those around me

that I will see, not only with my eyes

but with this heart

I seek You Lord, in all things

but this, I know, is different

I walk in the sunlight

shielded from much

so now, I seek understanding

I seek Your knowledge

I seek Your heart

for I walk with blinders

eyes and ears closed

to those around me, weeping

wringing hands of worry

lost and alone, weary and afraid

break this heart of mine Lord

for those around me, that sorrow

that I may seek Your will, show Your grace

that I may reach out a reflection of You

allowing Your love to shine

break this heart Lord

that it no longer be immune

to the cries of the many

break this heart Lord

that it no longer be cold to the fears

no longer hardened against the weary

break this heart Lord

break this heart

that I may understand

and reach out with Your healing ways

sharing that which I know

which You have shown me

given and gifted to me

Your most loving merciful grace and forgiveness

Your most merciful love

given, to and through

a broken heart

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