Monday, October 10, 2011


rejoice, rejoice

my heart sings the songs of praise

rejoice, rejoice

for all things are good

purpose shines

even through the darkness of the night

the clouds and rain can not hide

the glory of You

rejoice, rejoice

my heart sings

for Your love is good, Your love never ending

You have drawn me to You

calmed the fears of spirit

healed the pains of my heart

rejoice, rejoice

for You are God, You are Holy

my heart sings praises to You

as Your love flows down

filling the hearts of Your children

my heart overflows with joy

my desire to reflect You, be the light commanded

rejoice, rejoice

You are here, with us

with me

in You I am strong, in You I am at peace

You protect Your own

bring them to You, when their time has come

to be in Your presence for eternity

rejoice, rejoice

my heart does sing songs of praise

for You are my peace

as I stand and gaze at the most awesome wonders

You have given

as I fall to my knees in realization

of the extent of Your love

in the sacrifice given

rejoice, rejoice

my heart sings songs of praise

for Your love, Your forgiveness

Your peace

as I sing,


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