Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Every Day

Every day

With every sun rise, as the darkness peels away

I gaze at the rising sun, the start of the new morning

realizing within my heart, what a gift it is

each day, no longer taken for granted

when you have faced the storms,

and now stand under the present of the rainbow

how dark it is, inside the storms, in the midst of the darkness

when illness is your enemy, one that cannot be seen

cannot be understood by those around you

unless they too, have walked the same path

suffered the same fears, pains, struggles

unless, they have felt the loneliness of the fight

stood alone in the dark

every day

hid the tears brought on by the emotions

the exhaustion of the battles they fight

the determination it takes, to place one foot before the other

to rise, pushing aside the covers, determined to fight again

and continue to fight with all that you have within

every day

realizing within the heart, the gift that each day is

even in the midst of the fight

when you feel and face the fear, feel the loss of what was

as you face the challenge, face the change

seeking, wishing that someone would stand with you

glad for those who do

every day

stand in the growing dawn, watching the sun rise

the clouds of night, parting

and you realize, no longer taking for granted the things that are

appreciating what you have, what has been given

holding close the extended time given

grateful for lessons learned, strength gained

a tear is shed as the smile grows

understanding, being appreciative

every day.

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