Sunday, October 2, 2011


How empty is the heart

of one who does not feel

the love that You offer


such a gift is this

I ask You Lord, fill my heart

fill it to the point of overflowing

that every aspect of this life

reflects You

that Your love within me

shines from open eyes

filled with the tears of joy

of knowing, of understanding

such a wondrous gift You have given


fill this heart

with loving understanding

fill this heart

that my life will be one

where I share You

with all whom I meet

that I will gladly tell

what You mean to me

Your love, Your most sweet and precious love

given freely

that I may live

seeking in this life to remain always

on the narrow road

to You

with You

as You are here, always here

with me, within this heart

fill this heart of mine

with a song for You

that the words will flow from lips of gladness

joyfully praising You

for Your love, sweet precious love

given for me, given for all


may the words from my mouth

be from a heart of gladness

the words glorifying You

for You are Lord, You are King

Jehovah God, Father God

You have sought me out

during the times of my darkness

brought me back into Your light

Your peace surrounds me

as Your love fills me

fill this heart Lord

with Your love

that in all things, I act in compassion

judging not, for to judge is not my place

grant me wisdom to understand

grant me a heart of reach out

share Your love

only Your love

the greatest gift, most precious treasure

with all whom I meet, with all whom I pass

sharing a love of healing

a love of peace

love that paid the price

so that we, those whom You love

could live, cleansed of transgression

love, sweet, precious, most pure love



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