Monday, September 26, 2011

I am not ashamed

I am not ashamed, of this faith in my heart

for I know, yes I know

You are Lord, King of Kings

while there are those that turn Your words

make them suit their desires

I seek You, to be like You

filled with Your love, let my countenance shine

with the filling of Your presence

indwell in my heart always

let my feet not stray from Your path

let my heart remain strong in Your ways, Your Word

draw me ever nearer, nearer my God to You

I am not ashamed, I will bear this cross for You

share this within my heart, that is You, with those that will hear

for You are love, compassion for all

You have reached out to the poor, healed and lifted up

those that were weak and weary

Let my words be Yours, calm in delivery, filled with Your love

for Your love is great, You gave the greatest to save all

offering freely, seeking all, while knowing, all would not come

I am not ashamed, of my faith

the trust that I have placed in You

for I have felt Your presence with me, Your love covering me

in the quiet times, in my times of troubles and trials

You are here, close to me, Your Spirit abiding within

I am not ashamed

for even as the skies may darken, the storms grow fierce

You are with me, You shield and protect me within Your love

You are my Sanctuary, there is no fear

Your peace is my armor, Your love my shield

I will walk into the battle of life with no hesitation

You are my light, in You no darkness can dwell

You stand at the gate waiting, calling

to those that will hear and heed Your voice

Your Word everlasting, Your love never ending

I am not ashamed

I am humbled at Your merciful grace, undeserved

Your love washing away the stains of my sins

healing a body weakened by sins

I go to my knees before You, bowing to You

Lord of Lord, King of Kings, Savior

I am not ashamed

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