Tuesday, September 20, 2011

merciful and precious love

I am Your child, God most Holy

Father, Lord, Master of this life

to my knees I fall

wash me with Your love

cleanse me Father most Holy

with Your most merciful grace

fill me to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit

let my eyes see the glory of You around me

in the gifts You have placed before me

in the love within my heart

reside in my life, within my heart

shine forever shine so others may see

You are my God, most Holy of Holies

You are life

Your word my guide

love sweet love

guide my hands, to do Your work

teach my tongue Your words

place my feet on Your path

that my life, this life is a reflection of You

Your love shining

I am Your child, I speak without shame

bow before You, without shame

for I know Your love

peace fulfilling, as I walk without fear

knowing You, feeling Your love

healing me, forgiving me of my iniquities

teaching me with each step

fill me Lord my God

to overflowing, with Your most merciful and precious


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