Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So gently the day begins

dawn softly spreading across a sky

held by the darkness of night

released to the morning

I stand in awe, watching

as a new day begins

the songs of the night wind down

as the serenade of the day begins

peace washes over me

as I witness this incredible gift

in the brilliance of the sky endless above me

the breeze that brushes against my cheek

the songs and motions of life around me

each special in its own right

singular and yet one

each in their own act and purpose

creating and completing a circle of life

gently the day begins

this day a gift from You

precious and special

washing over me with Your love

I bend a knee to You

in reverence, in awe, in faith

as the new day, renewed hope,

dawns on me.

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