Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the day that everything changed

Funny how there are times when you can be going along, doing the things that you always do. Whether at work, home or play. Living your life as you always do to blissful in your ignorance of what may be going on around you. Then suddenly everything changes.

9.....11......2001 the day that everything changed

I was at work. As a lead person on first shift I was busily keeping the department running to the best of my ability. With over a dozen machines to keep humming I was never bored. At one point one of the ladies from the planning office came through and asked if I knew what was going on in the real world. Of course I didn't. Working in manufacturing there was no contact with the outside for hourly workers for the duration of the shift. So I had heard nothing since before 8 that morning. When she told me that planes had flown into the twin towers in New York I didn't believe her. I thought she was trying to pull a rather perverse prank.

Part of my job duties was to take papers up to the front office on a regular schedule. When I made that first trip up and saw they had a small television set up I was intrigued. When I saw what was on that fuzzy screen I was transfixed. I couldn't tear my eyes away as they showed the plane flying into the tower. When someone spoke behind me I managed to turn away. The shock I felt must have been obvious on my face. all anyone could do was nod and talk in hushed tones. This was beyond horrible.

I made more trips that day back and forth to the office than I ever have. The department ran fine, I had to know. I had to see for myself what was going on.

I noticed that it had grown very quiet crossing the complex. Then I found out that all planes had been grounded. Not that there were ever than many to begin with, but it was so quiet. Empty skies seemed to go on into infinity.

When the towers fell, I had no words. All you could do was stand...and feel, something. There was loss, there was sadness, there was anger, fear, everything that could possibly flow through your heart, mind and spirit.. it was there.

Thing is, if the terrorists that hoped to crush our spirit, they didn't know who they were messing with.

From our house to the nearest Wal-Mart is only a couple of miles. We were on our way for what ever reason when I began counting. By the time we were past the houses I had counted well over 100 flags. Flags of all sizes flew from any and every where. They were on flag poles, they were on porches, cars, mailboxes anywhere that could support a flag, held a flag.

I was held captive by the television for days. I had to know. There were so many families affected. By the loss of lives, not just in the towers, but in the Pentagon and in the field in Pennsylvania where those braves souls tried to retake control of their plane. "Let's Roll" taking on a meaning never to be forgotten. A country that came under attack, but stood tall, stood firm, stood together. As much as I mourned, I was proud of my fellow countrymen. Of those that poured into Ground Zero, searching for survivors, helping each other. People who donated, who delivered so many of the things the rescuers needed.

We stood watching, we took action, we cried and we yelled and we grew strong together. All on that day when everything changed.

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