Sunday, October 16, 2011

In His Presence

I walked today

I stood beside the pond and watched

as the ripples danced across the surface

fish breaking water, seeking to capture a meal

I listened as the winds blew

watching, the trees dance to the music

and I felt the presence of God

with me

as I watched the shower of leaves

drifting down around me

watched, as caught on the winds, they danced

drifting and spiraling downward

colors golden, dimmed by the passing of time

still a treasure, gift of love

as the winds tugged at the cattails

pulling the stalks as they swayed

scattering their seed of life

as the frogs escaped my footsteps

diving into the cooled waters of fall

I listened to the birds as they called out

and I felt the love of the Most Holy, filling me

Continuing on my way, I felt the cool, quiet of the woods

envelope me as I walked. I saw the light of the sun, filtered

through the leaves of golden yellow and brilliant reds

shadow shapes shifting along the ground as the trees moved

Stopping often I would gaze around me

watching the changing light, the leaves falling to cover the ground before me

listening as acorns in tandem fell

hitting the ground around me only to bounce and roll to the side

walking into the clearing, feeling the warmth of the sun

the caress of the breeze as I watched the grass taller than me

sway in the breeze, bending to touch the ground and bounce up again

and I felt the presence of God, with me

His warmth and love, encircling me

such wondrous joy welling up inside my heart

I could not help but smile, raising my face to the sun

opening my arms to the winds, I sighed

overcome, over joyed

feeling the precious,sweet love, the presence

with me, within this heart of the most high God

How great is His love for me

these gifts He gives, surrounding me

in the songs and beauty of nature

how great is His love for me

that He would draw me to Him

filling me with His peace

when the world is a place of worry

fears that lurk in the corners, in the darkness

He sends His light

a guide to Him, sanctuary

how great is His love

that He would send His Son for me

forgiveness granted

I stood on the banks of the pond watching

as the ripples danced across the surface

hearing the leaves of the trees, falling around me

and in my heart, His Spirit moved

and I felt, the presence of God.

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