Tuesday, March 6, 2012

humbled am I

humbled am I

as I consider Your love

awesome God, marvelous God

who knows my name

knew me before I was born

raised me up from the darkness

in which I was sinking in

humbled am I

as I consider the love

that brought me out of the storm

into Your sanctuary

when I grow weary

You my God, are my rest

when I grow fearful

You hide me away safe within Your love

humbled am I

as I consider what it means

You are all I need

when I am discouraged

when the dark grows deep

You are my light, You lift me up

strengthen and empower

to walk without fear

humbled am I

as I consider the fact

of the love

the pure, undiluted, undying love

that You have for me

so much, that You would give up to death

Your Son

so much, that he suffered on that cross

for me and for all

to be the way to You

bought and paid for I bow down

humbled am I

washed in Your love

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