Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shape this Life Lord-

Hallelujah Lord


I come to You

humble, ashamed

a lump of clay

shape me, as You will

my sins I know

for I hear Your voice

calling my name, as parent to child

and I know, yes I know

with bowed head

saddened heart I come

humble and ashamed

yet I hear Your voice

feel Your touch upon my heart

I know, even as I grieve Your heart

You forgive me

I come Lord, ready and willing

mold me, shape me, form me

for the use You have in store

Hallelujah Lord


I know Your love, I know Your peace

the forgiveness You offer

even in the errors of my way

even in the wrongs

You look at me with love

teach me Your word Lord, fill my heart

with Your song

may Your Spirit within my heart always speak

calling my name when I look to the darkness

calling my name, when I slip and fall

showing me again, Your light

as I come to You

humble and ashamed

seeking Your hand upon my life

mold me Lord, shape me

form me into the vessel that You need

the tool that would follow Your will

that would do as You would have me

Hallelujah Lord


You wash away the stains of sin

cleanse this heart, fill this heart

with Your peace, fill this heart with Your love

as You reach out to me

molding this life, shaping this existence

forming this heart

for the things You have planned

I come to You Lord, willing

to be changed by You

Hallelujah Lord


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