Monday, August 12, 2013

Recognition, Appreciation and Thank you

   Survivors are hope we are winning..YOU are the link to the tools and weapons to fight the battle.

Saturday night, August 10th was the East Gaston / Belmont Relay for Life wrap-up party. We celebrated a successful year coming just a little shy of our full goal. As was stated at the party, much was accomplished and much was learned. Next season should be an even better one as we are ready to go forward with what we have learned and put it into practice.
 I wanted to thank everyone who helped me with donations to not only reach but go beyond all of the goals that I hoped for. Thanks to you and your generosity HEART for a Cure was a top ten earning team. Thanks to you and your generosity I  again made Grand Relay- which means I raised at least a thousand dollars.
 This was my first year at having my own team, I walked in with somewhat blind eyes as to what was needed, I was naive and nervous yet determined to at least raise something. You my friends, went above and beyond what I had hoped for and I can not thank you enough. As a Survivor and one who knows many who have fought or are currently fighting cancer, I wanted you to know that your generosity and kindness is not unappreciated.
Thank you again, the money that you so kindly gave will go to the fight. Not only for research, but for the many programs that help those who are fighting. Look Good/ Feel Good programs, Rider programs, educational... the list goes on.
 As of now I don't know when the kick off is for next season, but I am hoping that you will once again consider helping out in the fight, with your talents, with your time, with your dollars. (I can always use the help and HEART For a Cure could always use members-near and near at heart)  We can not beat this without your help. For now-I only wish to say once again and many times from now.. thank you..thank you.. thank you
 Thank you my friends, you are the best.

Current plans are for HEART for a Cure to have a site at the Stanley NC Country Festival.. hope to see you there, I'll have an extra chair set up so we can sit and visit...

(I don't know how long the links will be good.. I understand that they will be shutting down the site to prepare for next season..I am not asking for donations with this message..just added the links in case you wanted to see the totals before they are removed)


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