Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Another season for Relay has began. Once again a passionate group of people are banding together to fight the good fight against cancer. Meetings will be held, fundraisers will take place, emails will go out as well as post cards and phone calls. It will be a time of laughter, frustrations, good company, fears, and flat out determination.
Cancer is an enemy of equality. It cares not about race, religion, age, sex or any of the other qualifiers that seperate us. Cancer strikes all. It touches us all in some way. Each of us knows someone touched by cancer, who has fought and won, fought and lost, who fights now. There is an empty place in our hearts where we have lost friends and family members. There is a new person where we work because a co-worker lost their battle.
And we grow angry because we have lost one more. We grow sad, because we have lost one more. Then we grow angry, because it isn't right. It isn't fair to those we know that have had to suffer. We want to do something, we want to prevent another loss.
One way to do this is to educate ourselves. Learn what we need to put into our body for nourishment. What do we eat? What do we drink? What do we avoid? What exercises must we do to strengthen our body, to be more healthy. What do we need to share with our friends and family to help them to become healthier?
What research must we do to educate ourselves as far as the various cancers, the symptoms, who is at risk..
How can we help those who have cancer? What can we do to make their life and battle easier?
Check out the ACS and Relay for Life--there you can learn everything you need to know. There you can find ways to help. There you can find ways to raise dollars to help fight the fight. To help with the research, to help with the programs in place. To help the fighter and their caregivers.
I'm once again writing my story- its over here-where you will find the latest post, and follow the links back to the two previous posts.

Consider, joining us. Consider what you can do to help, whether with your ideas and thoughts. Helping with your time, your talents or yes, your money. Its early, now is a good time to get involved. Locals, our kick off is coming up. Join us and find out what its all about. Join us and see how much fun one can have fighting a serious problem. All.... and that means all...are welcome. Join us, sign up, join a us work toward finding a cure for this vile ememy.

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