Saturday, February 1, 2014

What if.... For Want of a Dollar..

Even the flowers wear ribbons

What if, for want of a dollar..
   Researchers were unable to finish the testing of a new medicine that showed great promise toward fighting cancer? All of the testing that they had been able to perform so far had been successful, but they weren't finished. They knew that they were oh so close, but had ran out of money..
  What if, among the many possible ideas that had been placed on the table, there was the one thing that could potentially be one of the best, if not the best weapon against cancer. However this idea was one page too low on the list..and they had ran out of money. All of the money budgeted for new testing had been promised...
  What if, the cancer latest victim of cancer sat in the darkened room, ashamed of their looks? They had been told of a program where they could get wigs, scarves or hats. Where they were shown how to apply make up and how to wear the scarves in various ways so that not only would they look good, but they would feel better as well. But, for the program had ran out of money...
  What if, one who had just been diagnosed made a phone call to a 1-800 number, only for the call to go unanswered. Or for the one who answered be unable to help. There was no information available to send to them. No pamphlets printed, no helpful guides, no -- no-- no- nothing that could be shared, because there was no money to do it with..
  What if..
 What if someone had to go to another place for treatment? What if it were too far to travel back and forth and they needed a place for themselves and their caregivers to stay? They had been told of a place, a place of Hope.. but now, this place was not available. Unable to remain open due to lack of money. Funding was not there.
 What if...
 It was you who were in need? What if, it was a member of your family, a neighbor, a friend down the way? What if..the fight was so very close to being ended...but the battle was lost, for want of a dollar?
  How many different ways do you spend a dollar?
  There are those dollar menus at fast food places.
   Coffee is well, more than a dollar depending on where you get it and exactly what it is..
  That snack machine down the hall from your office,

 How many times do you stop for that fancy cup of coffee or that quick meal at your local drive thru? How many lottery tickets do you take that chance on? What passed up on that one fast food meal, or fancy coffee and made a donation? Its all about saving lives, its all about celebrating more birthdays, its all about finishing this fight once and for all. And we really don't want to battle to continue and more people to be diagnosed, for more people to hear those words or find out that a loved one has been told the words that they have cancer..... simply for want of a dollar..

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