Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Count Dow to 60-- balancing act

To-- the --penny.
I just spent the last few hours balancing our checkbook. I had gotten way behind. I had gotten way behind because I totally despise anything math. Oh, I'll do it, eventually. Like tonight, this was only part two of my trying to get it balanced before my husband found out how far behind I was. He trusts me to keep up with the checking account and I do, I just don't document it as I should. Hopefully after this marathon session of catch up, I'll do better.It did get me to thinking though of all the balancing acts we do every day..
 The parents who work, who must balance their time between taking care of their kids, their home and work. You have to get the kids ready for what ever the plans are for the day. One must take care of their home and make sure that it is kept clean and kept maintained. Work is that time to time position where you do what is expected and hope to get home in time to do what is expected there.
Then you hope for a few moments personal time. No matter who you are, or what your responsibilities, you hope for those few moments when its only about you. Those moments where you can find a bit of peace, a bit of calm in the midst of the every day storms.
 You balance your emotions moment to moment. Like those times when someone feels it is perfectly okay to take an attitude and speak to you in a manner that they would not accept in return. Not that you would do that. You stay calm, when someone seems bound and determined to make things difficult. You know the type, those who gather in the middle of the most narrow of aisles in the store and hold a long conversation with the neighbor they saw right before they left to come to the store.
 You balance your life. The time for work, for exercise, for play, for rest. You balance your diet in the hope that it will help you to remain healthy and able to balance everything else with less problems and stress.
 Balancing a check book, balancing one's life, its all a game of numbers.

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