Friday, August 26, 2016

Count Down to 60-- broken but not without worth

What good is a bucket with a hole in it? What good, is a pot, where the handle is broken off? What good, is a Frisbee that is split down the middle? How are they broken, but still with worth?
 Our German Shepherd, Bella, has learned how to catch a Frisbee in flight. It only took her a couple of tries before she had it figured out and was chasing and catching the thing in mid-flight. I'm sure our neighbors were either loving the show yesterday or thinking I had totally lost any sense I had as I cheered Bella on with each successful catch. We were back out there for a while this afternoon. I don't play with her long as I fear the heat being too much for her and all of that running. Today as we were playing it happened. She brought the Frisbee back to me and it was split almost down the middle. Telling her it was broken was useless as she still sat there expecting me to throw it again. So I did. Surprisingly it still flew. It had a new wobble to its flight, but it still flew. We played a while longer, with me expecting that plastic disk to split completely at any moment. It held together though for the rest of our game. The new wobble giving it that extra challenge to this over achieving dog.

 How many times do we look at something and think it is useless because something is broken? A pot with a broken handle, can become a food or water dish for a pet. It can become a planter. It can be used for storage for kitchen gadgets, bathroom or office supplies. Therefore it is useful not useless.
A bucket with a hole in it, can be used for measured watering of plants. It can be used as a planter, where the hole allows excess water to drain out. Items can be placed in the bucket, with water poured over them to rinse with the hole allowing the water an escape route. Therefore it is useful, not useless.

 Its the same with people. People can be broken in many ways. Growing up in dysfunctional families can cause them to be less than trusting. Surviving an abusive relationship, being one who is either a member of the military or a first responder who has seen or been involved in incidents that cause post traumatic stress, can be seen as broken. The truth is, their very wounded state, can be a benefit and a tool for others. They know and understand what one who has not gone through what they have cannot. They are wounded, they are hurt, they are constantly walking a fine line, but their very walk, can be what someone else needs to see. They need to know that they too, can still stand, walk and even run in the face of what they have endured.
 Some are born with handicaps that have the uninformed looking at them as if they are broken and of no real worth. There has been incident after incident after incident showing just how much a person with learning or other disabilities are able to do and even excel in. Again, their walk one of proof of their worth.
Many people have lost limbs for different reasons, some due to being in the military, some to disease or accident. Once they healed, once they found their way and their determination, if you call them broken, they will laugh at you. Watch the videos of those without legs running in marathons. Watch as children use new prosthetic hands to pick up items, to color, to do for themselves where they couldn't before. Watch, as they live their life, just as well and sometimes better than one not considered broken.
A pencil with a broken lead cannot write, but sharpen that pencil and it is again useful in its purpose. Watch a person who is wounded, who has through education, through medical intervention, through faith, who is "sharpened" and watch as they are again useful in life. Watch as they move forward and lead the way into a better way. Watch as they are the difference for those like them.
Broken, but not without great worth.

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