Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Count Down to 60-------I am a Believer

No matter how bad it looks, no matter how dark the storm, I believe. I believe that things will work out for the better. I believe there is a grand plan for everyone's life, but we have to believe in it, to find it.
 As the title reads, I am counting down to my 60th birthday. I don't fear age, nor the eventual end that we all must face. I fear never living up to my potential. I fear missing out on that dream. But, I do believe that there is always the possibility for that dream to become a reality. I have but to believe, to trust and to act.
 Believing is nothing, without action.
Once can believe that they can swim, but until the get into the water, they aren't swimming. Truth be told, they may and probably will, sink the first time they attempt swimming. Eventually, with practice, they will swim.
 One can believe they can cook, but until the combine those first ingredients, its all talk. One must gather the needed ingredients in the needed amounts. One must have the tools necessary, bowls, measuring cups, pots or pans at hand and ready. All of the ingredients must be combined correctly and prepared in the manner for the intended dish. If everything is done properly, the meal prepared should turn out right. Should, but there are times it won't. That should not stop you from believing you are a competent cook.
 One can call themselves a person of faith, but unless you understand what you follow, unless you educate yourself, its only words. Without a proper understanding, one can misinterpret, misunderstand and misconstrue their beliefs. One can in that incorrect knowledge, create more confusion or dislike for faith based lives. One should practice what they believe in. Christians for example should not just practice, but act in and show the love they are instructed to day by day.
One can call themselves a gardener, but unless you clear and plow the land, plant and care for the seeds and plants; unless you work and harvest what you have sown, you are a talker, not a gardener. One must sow, to reap..
  You can believe many things. It is possible to believe in things you haven't seen. The Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, UFO's fall into that category.
You can believe in the things that seem only to be wishful thinking, such as travel to Mars.
Believing in things is important. It gives us something to anticipate. It gives us a dream. It gives us the hope that tomorrow will be different and better. I will be a better person. I will have that better job. I will write that best selling novel or have a video go viral on the internet. But, one must be willing to work for their dream. Otherwise it is just a way to pass the time, daydreaming of better, new, different. One isn't going to get washboard abs sitting on the couch eating popcorn. You have to get up and move, you have to exercise. You have to eat right. To write that best seller, one must write and write well.
One must act, one must try, one must do. Then, believing has merit.
To believe in a dream is a good thing. To act and work hard to see that dream become a reality, is a better one.

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