Saturday, August 27, 2016

Count down to 60- believe in yourself and keep swimming

I learned to swim today, well not really, but it seemed like it. Today was a day of accomplishments, just not that one.
I have been looking at a carport that was so badly in need of cleaning, I just simply could not find what I needed to do the job. Some days I didn't have the time, some days I couldn't load the truck as I cleaned, some days it was too hot, and some days, my husband would be home and I really hoped that he would clean it for me. He did start on it a while back, but the dent he made was very small.
Today, everything fell into place for me. I got outside early so it wasn't too hot. Everyone was gone but me, so I had little interruptions. I had all day to work if I needed it, so there was the time. I found my work gloves, I found a box of trash bags and I set to work. I had asked my son to move the truck down next to the carport so I could load it. He moved it, but he did not let the tailgate down and since the latch on it is broken and takes someone with more strength that I have, it remained up. so, I climbed up into the bed of the truck and one by one pulled the trashcans up and shoved them up against the back of the cab. Once they were in place, I started going through what was piled up before me. It took several hours and I was soaked through by the time I finished, or should I say stopped. I had no more room in the truck, so I had no choice.
 I rested for a few minutes and then began on the inside of the house. After I finished what I had planned to do inside, I got ready to head out to walmart for groceries. I was beginning to feel my body letting me know it was not happy with me. But, since we do have to eat, I went. As I was shopping I heard the pounding of rain on the roof, it sounded bad. A few minutes later you could hear the thunder. Not too far away from me I heard a child whimpering. Something I myself felt like doing. When I checked out and headed for the door I saw people waiting. I made my way around and looked out the door at a wall of falling water. I was by myself meaning there was no one with me to watch my purchases and no one to go for the car. Squaring my shoulders I headed out into the rain. I hadn't gone five feet before I was soaked through. I made it to the explorer and used the hatch to protect me somewhat from the falling wall of water. Once the cart was empty I did what I have never done before. I shoved the cart up next to a tree out of the way and in a way that it shouldn't roll away. I then ran around the suv and jumped inside. Water dripped from my hair and pooled at me feet. The rain was still pouring down. I started the car and waited for the windshield to clear so I could see where I was going. The roads looked like rivers, where the water couldn't escape looked like ponds. Driving through the standing water sent it flying skyward.
By the time I got home it had quit raining, even as you could tell that a serious storm had gone through. Leaves and sticks littered the roadway and side ditches were filled with water. James was home and he helped me get everything inside. The one casualty to the downpour was my bag of flour. The rain had ruined the bag and flour poured everywhere. There is a lovely white mound in the back of the explorer and I guess I should clean that up. James even took pity on me and helped put things away.
We had really needed  rain, even though the best kind is a slow three day soaker. The kind where the water doesn't immediately run off and away. The kind where you want to sit on the porch and watch it fall. I won't complain though, we got rain.
After I was finally able to change into dry clothing, all I wanted to do was sit down. Instead I've already washed two loads of laundry. Our work is never done.
 I shared all of this, not to brag on myself, but to share a thought. We can do, what we set our minds to doing. We may need help, we may need a bit of encouraging, we may simply need to know that others believe in us. They believe, even though we understand that we must believe in ourselves because sometimes, others simply do not understand. Don't allow excuses to stop you. Don't allow fear to stop you. Don't allow the comments of others, stop you. Believe, take that first step, and go for it. Its your dream. Its your hope. Its your desire, go for it.
I wanted a clean carport, today I have managed to get it 85% clean. Somethings I simply can not lift and will need help. Don't be afraid of asking for help, to be able to do something perfectly, one must ask questions.
Know, that you can, if you want and if you will.

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