Monday, August 22, 2016

Count down to 60---the gift of rainbows--

Some know I am an amateur photographer. I almost always have a camera at hand or within easy reach. I love attempting to capture the special beauty that is around us. I haven't been as active this summer for many reasons, but as the temperatures cool I hope to get out there more often. Yesterday was a start. I was sitting in front  of the computer, minding the business of everyone who shares on social media when the phone rang. My brother called to ask if I wanted to get a picture of a rainbow. When I asked where it was, he told me that he was standing in his front yard. I told him I would be right there.
 Grabbing the bag that contained my cameras I hit the front door at a dead run. I drove down which is something I do not normally do, but I was in a hurry. Note, my brother lives on the same road that I do, but my house and yard is covered by many huge Oak trees so that was blocking my view. Pulling into his drive I found myself looking at an incredibly beautiful rainbow, with a faint second rainbow directly above it.

 Taking out my camera I set to taking photos, lots of photos. I wanted to make sure I managed to get at least one decent shot. I even walked down the road to see about a different angle. Still taking photos I began to notice that there was what appeared to be a bad storm off in the distance. The flashes of lightening still not deterring me from taking more photos. Even the neighbor's small dog suddenly spotting me and going  into guard dog mode did not stop me. The dog's barking didn't bother me, I've been past it many times and so far all it has done is bark, a lot, at me.
It was misting rain heavily, but it actually felt good. I almost felt like a kid again, playing in the rain, chasing rainbows.
I did eventually decide that I had taken enough and put the camera away.  I talked with my brother and niece for a short while, accepting some good natured teasing about growing older and reminding my brother that he wasn't that far behind me.
 My brother thinking of me and calling to let me know about the rainbow was better than any gift that he could have purchased. (Even though the card was cute) It reminds me, once again, how some of the best things don't cost anything. A few moments playing in the rain chasing rainbows will forever be a priceless memory. Thank you my brother, I love you...

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