Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aliens are watching my says the psychic

I love my family---we can find ourselves in some interesting situations. Take for example--

We live next door to my parents. That is a good/bad situation, mostly good. If nothing else there are times it can be highly entertaining. Mom will walk up and stand at the gate into my yard and chat. She doesn't always come in because I have this big lovable dog that she fears may make her fall. Not intentionally but just by trying to get close for a pet.

So, she comes up yesterday to chat. In the course of our conversation that runs the gamut of everything coming and going she drops this bombshell. Aliens are watching her.


Care to explain that one mom.

Now, I will admit up front that I do not believe in all these psychics sending out letters, getting on television, with their shops lining the side of the road. I do not do taro cards, ouija boards, follow my horoscope or any of that. Do I believe that there are people who may 'know' things? Well, yes. But these are people with a gift that is used respectfully, with full intent to do good not to exploit and scare vulnerable people.

Some how or other mom's name got on several psychic's lists. She gets the usual mail offering all the advice, help, information....for a price. And that price is not usually cheap. Thankfully my mother is not one to be scammed or frightened easily. The letters all go in the trash, some-during winter months-go straight into the fire. I'm not sure when she got the letter she mentioned but she just told me this story.

She received a letter from a psychic that she did not name. In this letter she was told that she was being watched by Aliens. Not aliens--illegal or otherwise--from other countries. But Aliens from........outer space. Not just one alien, but several. These aliens have been watching her, they have good news for her and want to help her. For a price this psychic can help her contact these aliens and find out the information that they are holding for her..wanting to share with her. All this psychic needs is a check or credit card number for xxxxx amount of dollars.


Looks as if mom isn't going to get any alien help..but the psychic isn't going to get any of her money either. Please excuse me now, I need to go and find my aluminum foil cap. The aliens are watching...well mom, but she does live right next door..

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