Wednesday, June 22, 2011

project cancer prevention-diet-beta-what's its?

I am a three year cancer survivor. I have many friends who are currently fighting cancer or survivors as well. That being the case, I have sought to find ways to do everything I can to prevent my cancers return. One of those things is to educate myself on a better diet and just what that is. I am also sharing some of what I have learned in these blogs in the case that there is someone else out there that may be interested in knowing more as well..for what ever reason.

In my research I have discovered that our body needs certain things to help it function at its best and to fight off diseases including cancer. One thing that we have heard mentioned many times through many different venues such as television and magazines is the word 'antioxidants'. To put it simply, that is the good stuff that helps to get rid of the bad stuff in our body. In my last blog I discussed Glutathione, today its Beta Carotene.***

Beta Carotene-nope, not a character out of Star Wars or any other futuristic type movie. So what is it? Beta Carotene is a powerful antioxidant that is transformed into Vitamin A in the body. Beta Carotene, an immune booster that is associated with a reduced risk of cancer. Helpful in preventing the hardening/ thickening of arteries and reduces blood cholesterol. Studies show that beta carotene helps in a long list of diseases some of which are macular degeneration, head aches, heart disease, to name a few. It can be used to improve one's vision and improve skin conditions.

A Harvard University study showed that if you were to consume 50mg of beta carotene daily it cuts in half the risk of heart attack and strokes.

Beta Carotene commonly found in almost all the green, yellow, orange vegetables and fruits. The web site has the following list:

Some of the common vegetables.frits/herbs/nuts per100g of weight with the highest content of B-carotenes are:


Brussel sprouts 450 mcg

Carrots 8285 mcg

Collard greens 3842 mcg

Endive 1500mcg

French Beans 379 mcg

Kale 9226 mcg

Lettuce 5226 mcg

Mustard Greens 6300 mcg

Pumpkin 3100 mcg

Spinach 5626 mcg

Sweet Potato 8509 mcg

Swiss Chard 3647 mcg

Tomato 449mcg

Watercress 1914 mcg


Apricots 1094mcg

Cantaloupes 2020mcg

Guava 374mcg

Mango 445mcg

Orange 71mcg

Papaya 276mcg

Persimmon fruit 253mcg

Plums 190mcg

Watermelon 303mcg


Basil 3142 mcg

Cliantro 3930mcg

Parsley 5054 mcg

Thyme 2264mcg


Pistachio 332mcg

Walnuts 12mcg

So, if you want help in battling heart disease, respiratory system problems, cancer.strengthen the immune system, diabetes,cover you from the radiation from the light of the sun s well as help with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Load up on some of the foods mentioned above or a supplement..if you allow your vitamin A levels to drop the body suffers.


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