Monday, June 20, 2011

Project Cancer Prevention-more on foods and something called, Glutathione

I scoured the internet searching for information on foods that we eat and what they do as far as preventing cancer. From various studies I read these are some of the findings. There was also the information on the foods that one should avoid due to the body's reaction to them, and their possible promotion of some cancers.**

As was stated in the first help oneself be healthy, one must eat healthy. I did mention some of the fruits and vegetables that are good choices. Today we'll go into a bit deeper depth on why.

Free Radicals. No that isn't a new rock music sensation, nor is it an unruly mob bent on destruction. Wait-- maybe it is an unruly mob set to damage your body's cells. Free radicals are the by product of cell metabolism have unpaired electrons in their outer orbits, causing them to pull electrons from other cells, damaging them. To inhibit the collection of these free radicals one needs a substance known as antioxidants. A substance that is found in a variety of foods.

So, where do we find these antioxidants? If you're one of those folks that as a kid turned up your nose with an emphatic "YUCK" you aren't going to like this next part.

Cue theme music for super hero here. According to many of the studies that I have read medical science categorizes Glutathione complex as a 'super antioxidant'. Without this, we would die. Glutathione (glue-ta-thigh-on) otherwse known as GSH is not found in food sources as it is made only by our bodies. Studies show that Glutathione is a 'super' antioxidant, an immune booster, detoxifier, anti-ageing, skin-whitener. Glutathione reduces the chance of developing cancer, improves mental function, increases energy and improves heart and lung function.

The following foods help our body to make Glutathione and boost its levels in our system.





Raw Eggs



brussels sprouts






several spices including

Curcumin (turmeric)


and cardamom

and even fresh unprocessed meats

Your body 'handcuffs' the toxins in your system to glutathione then excretes it out of the boy usually via the kidneys and urine. Processed foods, microwaved, junk foods, these are toxins to our systems. The chemicals in these create free radicals that require a lot of antioxidants to neutralize. We are also exposed to toxins in the air, radiation,carcinogens, stress to name a few. All this shows that it is not only important but essential that we eat the foods necessary to increase the levels of Glutathione in our system, our health depends on it.

**references: to prevent cancer through diet and the foods that fight cancer

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