Thursday, June 23, 2011

herding (baby) geese

Behind the plant where I work is a small, man made pond, enclosed in a chain length fence. The water is almost always a deep green color thanks to the algae. It's original purpose was to be a supply of water in case there was a fire. This is an old plant-remodeled and renovated, but its been around for longer than I can remember. The pond is fairly close to the building and there is a large well maintained field between the pond and the road.

All that to say that earlier this year a pair of geese showed up at the pond. Beautiful birds they are fun to watch. Then one day I was only seeing one as I left each day. I feared that something had happened to the other. The something was that they decided to raise a family. Mom, dad and five babies.

As soon as I found out I brought my camera to work the next day and after work I got my camera from the car and began to capture the babies in photograph. Dad wasn't too happy about it at first but I made sure not to get too close.

Then I was informed that something had gotten one of the babies. It was sad but even in fenced enclosures things happen. Especially since as the young ones got old enough mom and dad were taking them out into the field to eat.

Today as I was leaving I decided to try and get some photos. I walked around the pond to where I thought they were only to find that by all appearances something had gotten another of the young ones. The rest of the goslings were outside the fence while mom and dad were on the inside. I snapped a couple of quick photos and then decided to try and help the little ones find the way back inside the fence.

Circling around behind the babies I began to walk forward slowly. The young ones looked at me funny but started walking in the right direction. Dad was hissing at me the entire time. The babies moved forward slowly thankfully not deciding to head out in some odd direction. They finally reached the hole under the fence and looked at it oddly. I moved forward again talking away as I hoped to get them under the fence. As dad would hiss I would tell him to chill, it was alright. The first two babies went under the fence but the third bumped against the bottom of the fence then began backing away quickly and headed for parts unknown. I got back behind it and managed to persuade it to go in the right direction. It only took a moment before it found the deeper part of the hole under the fence and slipped quickly back inside the fence.

Mom and dad examined the babies and finding no problems settled in for a rest.

And I left for home thinking I had done my good deed for the day-

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