Sunday, June 19, 2011

simple things (thank you dad I love you)

To learn from you

simple things

to learn how to fish

also a lesson in patience


to learn, how to wait

for just that right chance

and snag the moment

as we snag that fish

To learn from you

simple things

to learn, how to tell a tale

tell a joke

to hold the listener's attention

until the moment the punch line is delivered

to learn


as we hold the moment

To learn from you

simple things

caring for the animals that is our charge

keeping them fed and watered, training them

teaching us

not only how to care for pets

but in a sense, teaching responsibility

to make us ready

for children of our own

To learn from you

simple things

taking care of the material things

putting them away

making sure they are in safe locations

we learn, how to make things last

right up until that last moment

when there is no more

to know, we have not been wasteful

with what we hold

To learn from you

simple things

like love, respect for others

to laugh, to play

to work and learn

simple things

that make this life

more special

thank you dad

for those lessons

on all the simple things

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