Friday, April 14, 2017

If only

if only
we had been given one more day
to speak to each other
to hold each other close
to sit, side by side, coffee in hand on the porch
rocking away the day.
If only
we had known
just how short the time was
that we had together
what we could have done
If only
you had taken the time
to understand that life is indeed short
and in that knowledge, taken better care
of the body you were given
the health that you have
instead of neglecting
thinking life is a long and winding road
time for all
if only
we had done more
cared more
loved more
tried harder
would that have made a difference?
would you still be here
with us
with me
talking, arguing, joking
would you ask for that coffee
sit in that chair on the porch
rocking away the day
no one knows our time
but the Father
no one can tell, when we will be called
could be that our actions hasten that time
 no matter what we do
that time will come as ordained
but I still sit
I still wish
I still cry out
if only

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