Sunday, April 16, 2017

Resurrection Sunday without you

You won't believe this honey, but James got up early and went to Sunrise Service this morning. He needed to be there to do sound checks and all that after the service to be ready for the regular service and the songs they had planned. I actually remembered to take the flowers that I got for you, I know, I know, you aren't a flower person, but you will not be forgotten and a few flowers won't hurt. Besides, you're not there, just the shell of your body is there, you are already in Heaven with our Lord. You, dear husband got to celebrate with Jesus and all of the others who have gone before. I'm sure that Heavenly choir of angels was amazing.
 Scott delivered the message at the Sunrise Service. As usual, he delivered it well. An explanation, an invitation to get to know our Savior. A reminder of how He died for us, even then, so long ago, it was still for us today. There was no time limit or expiration date, there is no statute of limitations on that merciful gift. That gift of grace and forgiveness.  No, Scott didn't say all of that quite that way, but that is how I see it and you know that. The discussions that we had, as you sought to understand better. Now, my love, you have the Master Himself explaining. How much better is that?
 They had food afterwards, biscuits and other things, James didn't want any as they all had meat in them and the muffins were, by appearance the kind dripping with sugar. The stuff that you like, but James is trying to avoid as much as possible. I didn't eat any of it either, it just didn't look appetizing to me.

 I had a little over an hour before Bible Study so I sat at one pf the picnic tables for a while enjoying the breeze. James was there until he had to go help with the sound checks. Pastor Sandy came over and visited with us for a while, talking and offering what answers he could which wasn't much. There really isn't much one can say, only offer to be there, to listen, to help as they are able. After James left I walked over and sat in the car while I waited for time to go to class. It was peaceful and calming, but lonely as well. If you had been here, we would have been in there as you took advantage of the biscuits.
  James came down and sat in Barry's class with me. He seemed a bit bored or distracted at first, but by the end of the class he was listening. I don't know if and when he might go back, but he knows he's welcome.
 The service was wonderful, but you know how Sandy does a great job with the message, making so that any and all can understand. He explained the importance of the resurrection and what it means to us. You, of course already know because you have already made it to Heaven. You have left your earthly body behind and are walking the golden roads.
 I want you to know, even as I would never ask you to leave that and come back here, I miss you. James and Deanna miss you. James is angry, I, well I'm not sure how I feel. Its different on different days. I haven't spoken much with Deanna, but her words on social media are so sad. Today was another first, Resurrection Sunday, Easter Sunday, without you. For the first time in years, there was no one asking if I were going to dye eggs and when I said no, then asked, well why not?
Why not indeed..I should have dyed the eggs...

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