Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trying to breathe

I'm sitting here
with a chest heavy with sadness
alone so alone
because you are gone.
Something triggered the pain
early today, all day I walked
trying to breathe
trying to pretend, there was no pain
laughing when others laughed
trying to joke, trying to be brave
through the pain
and the tears that will not fall
I'm sitting here
missing you, the sound of your voice
you calling so often, every day
I'm sitting here
with a chest heavy with sadness
 a heart weary and wounded
missing you
needing you
trying to go on
one day
one step
one breath
just breath
trying to breathe
missing you
How, do I get up every morning
go about the ordinary
as if there is nothing wrong
How do I go about this life
doing what must be done
seeing what needs be done
all while my heart is heavy
I try to breathe
try to go on
even as I'm missing you
still missing you
always missing you
as I try to breathe

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