Monday, April 17, 2017

Through the Night

Its that time once again
when the night grows dark
the hour late
my body grows weary
but my mind fears
I dislike, so dislike this time
when I know, even as I dread
that I must call it done
turn out, shut off, walk away
lock doors, feed cats, night lights on
as I trudge wearily through
rituals of the evening
accomplished, yes, done
delaying tactics, for I know
sleep will be elusive
rest will not be
my mind does not stop
missing you
my heart cries out
the pain that is real
missing you
the hour grows late
the body weary
even as I know
no matter how comfortable the bed
how right the pillow
fans turning, stirring the night air
the dreams that play just outside of remembrance
the mind that won't stop remembering
 the heart that won't stop yearning
the part of me, that yearns, that wishes
but that knows
I dread this time
so I pray
a mantra of pleas
a mantra of praise
as I seek rest, sweet rest,
a time once again to sleep
through the night

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