Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Challenge and a really good opportunity for a good laugh

                                                            a little bug told me-

Challenge-opportunity for a good laugh here-

As I mentioned over on face book I have been thinking. That in itself is enough to make people either nervous or just go ahead and flat out run away. This however is for a good cause. The American Cancer Society and Relay for Life.

If you are reading this, then you probably already know that I am a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed and went through my personal battle in 2008. Now here I am cancer free and fighting to help other people join me in celebrating more birthdays.

One of the ways I do that is write- a lot. I'll post a lot of blogs, I'll send a lot of emails, I write columns and submit them to what ever medium I think may run them.

I talk a lot. Sharing with people what I know, what I have learned, where if I don't know something that they can find the answers they need.

I participate in Relay for Life. I spend the night- all night- of the event. Why? Because cancer doesn't sleep and on that night neither do I. Well, not much anyway. I walk the Survivor Lap. I walk countless miles through the night. I tear up as the Luminarias are lit and the lights go out. To walk past bag after bag with someone else's name emblazoned across it, brings a lot of tears. So many, cancer touches so many.

I also fundraise. I've sold things for Relay for Life, shirts, tickets for pancake breakfasts, barbecue, trinkets bangles and beads in the quest to raise money to help find a cure.

In the past few days I've been watching all of those Pink Glove videos on Youtube. Some are really good and some are a lot of people have a blast as they draw attention to the fight against (breast) cancer. So, my idea was--that if people help me to exceed my fundraising goal I will create one of those videos. Where does the good laugh come in? I don't dance. I have not really danced since I was somewhere around twenty years old. I am now 53..that's a pretty big gap. But- I would gladly embarrass, humiliate, and invite ridicule to myself in the process of raising money for a good cause. I will find a way to make this video one of good technical quality so that my lack of dancing skill will be clear and obvious. The video will be made at various places here on the Dirt Road and nearby locations. I will draft- um- enlist, the aid of my son in operating the camera so that it will be minus any gaps while waiting for me to enter the scene..


If there are those that are seriously frightened of the prospect of seeing this 53 year old lady dancing-- I will also accept donations to keep me from dancing. Which ever gets the most- wins..actually, the ACS and Relay for Life wins. We just get to have a great bit of fun and a grand time bringing that about.

Donations can be made online on my personal page here or you can print out a form and mail in the donations directly to ACS..just tell them its for me. You can also make a check out to ACS and send it to me, contact me and I'll tell you where to send it. Or- if you're local and see me out and about I'll gladly accept a donation and count your vote for which-ever.

Also- my books are still available and a portion of each sale goes to Relay for Life.

The person who donates the most will receive a signed copy of one of my books- their choice.

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