Saturday, February 5, 2011

a light for You

In gentleness You walked

teach me

how to follow Your example

give to me a gentle spirit

soft spoken in all things

not in meekness may I walk

in Your ways, give me strength

of purpose, of will, of faith,

in You and You alone

In compassion, You reached out

healing those with sickness

chasing away the demons of the soul

giving hope, giving peace

renewed strength to walk

following You

give to me knowledge and wisdom,

teach me how to follow Your example

walk in Your ways and Your ways alone

In tenderness, You touched

the lives of all that came to You

the widows, the children,

those that were poor or sick

You reached out in healing and blessing

Your love evident in all You said and did

as You walked here

give to me, I ask of You now

a tender touch, as Yours

that as I walk, I act as You did

when You were here, physically among us

teach me, so I will do as You would have me

I would do, as You did

that I would be, an example of You

In love, Lord Jesus, You walked this place

teaching those that came

showing those that would see

the ways of the Father

the way, the only way, to Heaven's gate

in love, You spoke

in love, You healed

in love, You went to the cross

yet, as promised You rose

and You live, waiting watching over those that are Yours

teach me, Lord to understand

fill my heart, with Your love

that I may share, as You did

Allow me to live this life

as You would have me live

walking in Your light

showing You, to those I pass

place in me Your Spirit

of peace, of tenderness

yet Lord, give me strength

to speak out, in wisdom

of injustices, of false teachings

speak out, against those that are wrong

that do not represent the truth

in You

The time will come

when time as we know it

will end

give to me, place within me

Your ways, that I may walk

as You would have me

showing You, being a light for You

placed on a hilltop

for those that will look

to see.

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