Saturday, February 12, 2011

guide me

How I look to You my Lord

guide me

take my hand, walk with me

guide me

as I walk here

there are places of sadness

loss fills the hearts of many

guide me

give to me the words to share

that will bring healing

that will offer a happiness once lost

guide me

that my actions reflect You

and the hope that You offer

as I walk here

there are places of anger

frustration fills the hearts of many

guide me

give to me, Your words of calm

that will bring peace

that will bring healing

to those that need Your peace

guide me

that I will reflect You

there are places Lord

of hopelessness

where once there was a dream

it has been lost, abandoned somewhere along the way

guide me

walk with me, giving to me Your words

that I may offer Your hope

the knowledge that no matter what is happening here

it is but temporary

home is but a decision away

guide me

that I may show You are a Savior of love

of healing, not of hate

You walked with the many

those that were ill, those that were sinners

You healed, and Your forgave

guide me

in sharing that truth

remind me

that judgment in time will come

but not from me, never from me

guide me

that as I travel this place

I share Your loving, Your peace

Your hope

walk with me always Lord, in all things

guide me

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