Wednesday, February 2, 2011

lead me

in the midst of a storm

I hear Your voice calling

"come to me"

I try to ignore the sounds

of loving hope

as I determined to do this myself, move away

farther, into the storm

lashed by the winds of confusion

beaten by the rains of fear

I grow weary

I fear I will drown in my sorrow

die in my loss

as the storm continues

I hear You calling to me

"come to me"

with tear filled eyes

I look to You

my body beaten and weary

You call to me

"come to me"

in my shame, I drop my head

but Your voice continues

"come to me, I will give you rest"

I answer this time,

'but Lord, I am ashamed, I am soiled in my sin"

the most gentle of touch brushed my soul

and most joyous of feelings filled me

"come to me," He whispered

"I will make you clean"

come to me, He whispered

"I will make you whole"

'but the things I have done Lord

I am so sorry, I am a sinner ashamed'

"come to me," he whispered

"and you will be made clean

forgiveness I give freely

love I give openly

hope is the sunrise on a new day,

come to me"

Cleansed and strengthened I turned to Him

away from where I was

away from the storms

to Him, I looked, Him I trusted

Him, I believed

Lord of my life, lead me

I hear You Lord, I believe

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