Friday, February 25, 2011

for a time

for a time

you will be home

soon, you will return to us

from so long away

traveling the roads

gear jamming to make a living

seeing the country

but so far, so far from home

we talk

but a phone call

is just not the same


for a time

you will be here

filling our home

with your presence

your voice so long absent

calling from room to room

your voice

whispering in my ear

tickling my heart

as you are again

for a time


I stand here at the door


for the roar and whine of the engine

bringing you home

coming down the road

dust kicking up from those big tires

air brakes sounding, echoing

a blast of the air horn announcing

you are here

for a time

I stand here


for that big rig to pass

going to your place to park

leaving it

for a time

the roads can wait

must wait

while you are here

seeing the difference

that has taken place in your absence

feeling, the security of home

the love that resides here for you

I stand here at the door


soon, not soon enough

you will be home

and we will be together

holding close, holding tightly

hearts beating in a rhythm

as we spend this time together

doing mundane things, special things

ordinary things, together

enjoying this time


for a time


the facts, the reality

that once the time is spent

you will disappear once again

that big rig you jockey

taking you away from us

off to see he country

off to carry the work of the land

from here to there

job of necessity

to pay the bills

taking you away

leaving the empty feeling here

as you go once again

for a time

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