Tuesday, February 22, 2011

yes I will-- bring you up to speed on what's going on so far--

I have decided to step out in faith here. I will before the week is out order a box of purple gloves. In my heart- I believe that thanks to you my friends and your friends and the friends of your friends- I will not only reach but exceed my goal. Especially since in the past two days I have gotten a $250 pledge and a $50 donation and several people have said maybe to the luminaries..

That being said, it means that I will also need to start preparing for the production of that video. I'll be testing my old Fuji camera and see what quality the video it makes is. If it isn't of good enough quality I will have to see if there is anyone that will let me borrow a better video camera for this particular presentation.

Once the camera issue is taken care of I am going to need the perfect disguise- I mean outfit. It will have to be at least partially purple but optimally all purple. I want some purple sunglasses as well- why? I'm not really sure, but I just do. I'll also hit the dollar stores for purple stuff like purple bows, purple ribbon, purple sunglasses..

I think I know what music I want to use. I'm pretty set on it in fact but- that as of yet is not set in stone. I am therefore asking you-- what music do YOU think I should dance to? Share your ideas and lets see if anyone thinks as I do.. scary yeah I know..

Then after all of that is said and done-- I really believe I had better learn to dance.

I have the instructions here for the Electric Slide-- no, I honestly never learned how to do that or the Hustle. Then there's the dance I've seen them doing for the past two Relays...there is a dance I've seen in several of the videos on Youtube. I could also as James ..it won't be the first time I've embarrassed him.. but I would at least like for him to be forewarned.

But you know-- there is still time-- if you are one of those that fear my dancing and how it might traumatize anyone seeing it- cast your votes for NO!! Have mercy NO! by donation and tagging it with a no please don't dance ;)

If you can't donate much, (and in this day and time who can?)- even a dollar is a help because dollars add up. I have a water bottle that I'm trying to fill up with dimes- 10 cent pieces..they add up.

May you would like to remember or honor someone with a luminaria- candle in a bag-- with their name on it with the information as to whether it is in honor or memory of. Those are $10 ea. You can purchase them online at the relay for Life page or thru me.

And every dollar/ quarter/ dime donation that I collect- I get credit for. The monies that I get credit for- goes toward my dance challenge.

If- you know you can't donate but would still like to help out.. that's possible as well. Ask me- we'll work out something. If you are creative and would like to design something for Relay. If you have time to help, if you have contacts..there are always ways to help-If you have items that you would like to donate for our silent auction on the night of Relay (May13 - 14th) we're accepting donations for the silent auction and for prizes for games planned-

So far we have a demonstration of Tae Kwon Do planned and are waiting to hear back from other different groups for demonstrations-

This year East Gaston's Relay for Life will be at the Methodist Walking track on Hickory Grove rd- right there in Stanley's front door-- come out and join us- it promises to be fun-


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