Friday, February 18, 2011

I shout

From the hill top I shout

how amazing is Your love

You have reached out to me

lifted me from the pits of sin

washed me clean in Your forgiveness

I shout, I shout

how amazing Lord is Your love

You have freed me from the chains of sin

cleansed me with Your blood

From the banks of the river

the edge of the sea

I shout, yes I shout

how amazing is Your love

Your Spirit abides within me

Your love surrounds me

in You there is peace

in You, with You, I am whole

I shout, yes I shout

from the valley, from the meadow

how great my Lord my God is Your love

You suffered and You died a brutal death

tortured beyond tolerance of mortal men

died and yet Lord my God my Savior You live

having broken the chains of death

opened to us, the gates of Heaven

through You Lord through You

for You are the Way

I shout my God I shout

how great is Your love

no one else could have done what You did

no one else offers what it is that You offer

I shout

to You Lord, Hallelujah

You are Lord

You have reached out and drawn me from the darkness

brought me into Your light

forgiven me, of past transgressions

filled me to overflowing with Your love

I shout Lord, with all my heart, all my soul

from where ever it is I may be

I shout, I shout my Lord my God

for You, for Your love

I shout..

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