Wednesday, February 16, 2011

whispered prayers

Silent prayers I have whispered

from a weary heart.

Whispered, seeking answers

seeking help, seeking You

as the days passed, each day another stone

pulling at my spirit, tugging at my soul

leaving me crying, leaving me ever more stronger

seeking You, seeking Your presence

Knowing, always knowing

You heard the whispers, You heard and You saw

as I fought the demons around me

even as I sought You daily, moment by moment

in prayer

silent prayer

whispers from a weary heart, seeking You

storms of this place gathered round me

as the darkness grew ever stronger

my faith did not waver, did not falter

I knew, yes I knew You heard

I know, yes Lord I know

my time, is not Your time

I know, that it is in Your time

that You will answer

as You wait, as You watch

as You draw me ever closer to You

in prayer

silent prayer

whispers from a broken heart

cries from a weary soul

pleas from one that believes

from one that trusts

as I wait, secure in You

When You answered, as I knew You would

responding to the prayer of a broken child

healing began anew, in You

recognizing, all things, come from You

I knew, even as I listened

to a neighbor, to a friend, to the man down the street

they were sent, in answer

what they said, what they did; an answer

to a whispered prayer

silent prayer

from a weary heart

to a gracious Lord, a loving God

joyous now, singing praise singing praise

I stand in Your light

sheltered by Your love, bathed in Your mercy

I know, the songs of this heart

the shouts of this spirit

are to You, for You

for You have heard my whispers

answered my pleas

wiped away the tears from these eyes

wrapped in Your love, secure in Your peace

I stand, arms raised to You

assured of the love

assured of the answers

to whispered prayers

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