Monday, February 7, 2011

Tears and Triumphs of a first time dieter-2

After spending hours searching the internet for 'foods that make you feel full" all I was finding was the same information over and over again. A few words were rearranged, a few were added or taken away.... but it was the same information over and over and over again. I printed out a lot of it anyway and will go back and read it again, gleaning what is useful.

When I went grocery shopping last week I purchased a lot of fruit, some vegetables, and some dried beans, among other things. This eating healthy is expensive. When I got home I went ahead and cut the watermelon and cantaloupe into sections and stored them in sealed bowls. I also made a large salad and then divided it up into single serving bowls for work. I purchased some green tea, I haven't tried to brew any up yet but I will.

This is all falling into place.

Now, to make this happen. I think that its all going to be a matter of determination and will power. I did not purchase any junk food, no snack cakes, no chocolate, nothing that would be a diet buster.

Breakfast has become old fashioned oat meal with a small amount of butter, slivers of almonds and fruit. One serving of oatmeal is actually huge. I definitely did not get hungry for a long time. But, I have to remember not to wait too long between meals because of it.

My first break was a snack of a medium size banana, some strawberries, chocolate pudding and 8 or so ounces of grapefruit juice.

Lunch was a salad, a slice of ham, steamed veggies and a spoonful of potato salad with some cubed cantaloupe and sliced watermelon and water to drink.

Second break was another banana, the yogurt and a cup of coffee.

Tonight supper was baked chicken, whole wheat macaroni and cheese and steamed veggies. I did break down and bake some yeast rolls. Pass the sugar free strawberry preserves please.

My son is quite happy over this new diet as my cooking while more healthy is better than the microwave and simple bake and go stuff that I've been preparing. Using more spices adding flavor. Cooking in ways that is different, better tasting. James has asked me if I have eaten all I wanted and got my next day's lunch..then he disappears with one item at a time. If he keeps this up I hope he's working hard at school otherwise he himself will be on a diet. And that would not make him happy.

They think I'm crazy at work when I talk about losing weight. I tell them I'm trying to catch it and stop it now and not wait until I am overweight and in the midst of a battle much harder to win.

That yogurt that I tried today, it was too sweet and contained artificial sweeteners that I try to avoid. I really have to learn to read labels. I'll eat what I purchased, but if they are all like the first one, I'll not buy that brand again.

Eating so far is going okay. Every time my sweet tooth starts acting up I reach for a slice of watermelon. So far it has worked wonders.

Today I had an errand to run so I didn't get home in time to walk outside or even finish clearing the way to the treadmill. Tomorrow should be better.

I will get rid of these bulges showing up in places that I don't want bulges. I don't like the fact that my clothes don't fit right. I don't like the health risks of weight going up, or lack of exercise.

Follow me here if you will. Any advice you may have, any experiences you may wish to share-- feel free. All help, recipes and advice is welcome.

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