Tuesday, February 8, 2011

strong in You

I am weak, this I know

temptations surround me

teasing me from all sides

calling my name

slipping in when my guard is down

making me stumble

laughing, as I fall

words best left unsaid

slip from unguarded lips

an unbridled tongue

speaking, when silence would have been best

I am weak,

hungering for things

that are of this world

thirsty, for what will never quench this thirst

knowing, it all to be a lie

yet in my weakness

I seek it still

before You, I fall to my knees

tears of regret and guilt fall

I cannot face You in this soiled state

my head bowed

I ask, in fervent prayer

forgive me

wash me in Your love

make me clean again in Your sight

take these sins, many as they may be

take them I ask, from me

forgive me

give me strength, Your strength

to stand against them

to turn away, when they call

to look to You

when temptation comes

help me, to control my words

that those that will not build up my brethren

will remain unsaid

I am weak, this I know

fill me Lord, with Your strength

make me strong, in You

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