Tuesday, February 22, 2011

speak to me Lord

Your voice, whispering to me

I hear You Lord

as You guide me, guide my life

speak to me Lord

share what You will

Share, Lord, Your will

for my day

guide me Lord

that I may know

speak to me Lord

that I may hear

Your voice

above the noise of this place

deep within my heart

assured and assuring

speak to me Lord

guide me through the valleys

teach me, all I need know

to make it through the storms

with You

always with You by my side

allow me Lord, to feel You close

I know Lord, I know You are always here

fill me, with Your joy

fill me, with Your peace

speak to me Lord

let me hear Your voice

calling to me

guiding me along

walking, with You

in all things Lord, I thank You

for Your love, Your peace

for Your voice, filling my heart

speaking to me

as I go.

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