Tuesday, February 15, 2011


While being 'famous' is not something noted in my 'bucket list' I know that if I want this writer thing to pan out, there are some things that will have to be dealt with. When I was writing the somewhat regular column for the local paper it really felt odd (but good) to be recognized when I was out and about. To be able to talk to the people who were actually reading things that I had written, and finding out that they actually liked a lot of it- was an amazing feeling. I miss that but, things do end.
 As it is, I have self-published three books. Two of which are inspirational poetry and the other is a young adult novel. I even managed to get these books in honest to goodness bookstores.
 A while back I was interviewed on blog talk radio. I was scared silly, but I made it through and didn't even really goof up (too badly). The day after my son's birthday I read some exerts out of my latest poetry book "Blessed in His Promises" I was scared willy with that as well-- right up until Ozzie started screaming in my pocket. I had borrowed my son's cell phone due to myine needing a charge. Trust me in that Ozzie is a great ice breaker.
 Now, here I am wondering about this email. I received a request for an interview. It is exciting, its frightening in a way. How does one answer these questions, make sense and sound intelectually interesting? One never knows who may end up reading this interview somewhere along the way.
  Okay- so there is no threat of a Pulitzer, or Nobel Prize waiting on me to answer and run. In fact, this is an interview sent to me by my neice  as part of a homework assignment-- but hey-- we all have to start somewhere.

without further adeu-- the interview:

Please help me with my homework.(Due 2/17)

For my Art Appreciation I was asked to interview an artist (any type) so I chose you.

I need a short paragraph telling about your self and what kind of art you do and pictures of your work.

  I am a 53 year old cancer survivor. Wife, mother and full time employee, I am also an avid photographer. It is rare that I go somewhere without my camera being within reach. My favorite shots are natural. I have no qualms about climbing hills, or trees, or even crawling around on the ground to get the right angles. I've straddled creeks in the quest for just the right position, for just the right lighting effect.
 I love landscapes, but I really like close-up work. Trying to capture all the minute details, trying to catch a bumblebee or humingbird in flight. To get a sharp image that captures the colors, emotions, action in that one brief second of time..


I also need you to answer the following:

1. How did you start collecting or creating your work?

I have had an active interest in photography since the first time I held a camera. To be able to track down and capture a moment, an expression, a mood is a never ending challenge. There is always something just a little better waiting.
 There is also more recently the time when I went thru the cancer diagnoses and treatments. During the weeks when I was undergoing radiation after I got home I would go for long walks camera in hand. The challenge of finding something new or a new way of seeing the every day was the distraction I needed at that time.

2. What inspires you to create?

Again, there is the challenge to catch that one special elusive moment. There is a peace when you are out working on landscape or close-up photography. Its you and nature working together. With each photo that I feel is pretty good, I know there is that one 'prefect' image just waiting to be captured by my camera.

3. What is your favorite medium?

I always loved the results that I achieved with 35mm, but after getting some experience with digital that is my new favorite. You can take hundreds of photos in the quest for the one. Those you don't like or feel have no future are easily done away with and you haven't put out a small fortune only to throw it away. Digital is also easy to manipulate once you have the images uploaded into the computer.

4. Did you go to college to study your trade?

I took a correspondence course years ago, but I mainly rely on my gut instinct of what "feels" right.

5. What is your favorite color?

I don't know that I can nail it down to one color. I like earth colors, blues, greens, reds and all of their hues.

6. What is your favorite work of art?

The Sistine Chapel and the works of Michelangelo. There is also a painting that I remember my late art teacher creating that was magnificient.

7. Who was your role model growng up?

My grandmother. She had intelligence and inner strength, yet she was never anything but a lady.

8. Do you like Pablo Picasso's artwork?

Yes, because they cause to to stop and really look at the painting. There is always something different and interesting lurking within the artwork.

9. If you could meet an artist from history, who would it be?


10. What is your favorite animated movie?

Ice Age. There was 'life' in the characters. The emotions, the battles, the moments were more real. You could lose yourself within the movie without feeling as if you were being talked down to.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

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  1. oh- and as far as the spider and bee--I couldn't stand it. I took the couple of photos and then found a big stick and helped the bess escape-