Thursday, February 17, 2011

forever change

The moment, when you are told


there is a crack in what was

a forever change

nothing, that you have known

will ever be the same again

You were told

with compassion, sympathy, concern

You have cancer

they watch as you must assimilate this

you struggle with the knowledge

as the crack grows in what was

a forever change

They waited, watching as you fought the tears

they watched, as you turned with determination

they knew what it was, they knew where it was

take care of it

as the crack in what you knew, grew

nothing would ever be the same, nothing

a forever change

You had to tell family, you had to tell friends

the expressions as they realized

exactly what you were saying, sharing

the tears that fell, as they drew you close

and the crack grew, the changes more prominent

changes, nothing, no nothing, would ever be the same again

a forever change

Time seemed to slow, everything grew to extraordinary size

dwarfing everything around, nothing was as dire

about to expire, from this life retire

shake it off, push it away, be ready to fight

this is a battle, for health, for more time

you seek more time, to be with those you love

as the crack grows and what you knew, was changed

a forever change, nothing no nothing would be the same

They told you, its cancer

they told you, its operable

they watched, as you took it in

feeling the crack, as it grew

as it spread

nothing, no nothing

will be the same

forever change

as a tear slips free

hands tremble, just a bit

as the crack grows

so does your strength

faith strengthens

you know, even as this battle is won

because of it, because of battle

because of the fight

nothing, no nothing

will ever be the same

forever change

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