Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tears and Triumphs of a first time dieter- so it begins


Tears and Triumphs of a first time dieter.

I got on the scale yesterday. One hundred and forty nine pounds. They say the screams could be heard for miles, my dogs started howling and the cats hid for several hours afterward. I'm not sure but I believe I may have cracked a window or two. Granted at right around five feet ten inches tall, that isn't a really horrific weight, but it is a number I have not been at since I was pregnant with my son. It is a weight I am not comfortable at and will not remain at. It is a weight that has caused most of my jeans to be uncomfortably tight. At fifty-three years of age, I fear it is a weight that is going to be difficult to get rid of.  I blame all that good food over Thanksgiving and Christmas and, Little Debbie cakes. so....... officially on a diet---- soon. There is ice cream- really yummy banana split flavored ice cream- and two different kinds of Little Debbie cakes in the kitchen, I finished off the raisin bread already. Once the temptations are gone- the diet will begin.

Now, I don't plan on starving myself, that wouldn't be any fun. I don't plan on trying to go super skinny, it just doesn't look really good on someone my age and height. I simply want the belly bulge gone. To accomplish that I am going to, one, make some serious eating habit changes. First, I am going to have to go more healthy. Since its been so long that I was undergoing radiation*, when I couldn't eat junk food, my body has gotten back to eating sweets and lots of them. They will now- have to go. I will have to find alternatives. I quit preparing the ready made meals a while back, but I need to work on a bigger variety of healthy  foods. Especially foods that have a lasting effect in the system. I need to make a list of foods that stop the hunger and make you feel full quicker and longer. I'll also have to completely cut out sodas. I don't drink but one or two a week usually so it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to accomplish that part. I will need to drink more water, and probably drink green tea, seems that I heard that green tea helps but I'll need to do more research to make sure I'm right. Finding out which fruits and vegetables are best and cheapest at this time of year. Cutting back on or even giving up chocolate is going to be the nightmare. I'll need to check up on vitamin supplements as well. And spices, I read somewhere, something about spices. (I'm glad I enjoy doing research because I'm going to be doing a lot of it as I prepare for this first diet.)

Since it is still wintry cold I haven't been walking. When the temperatures are warm enough I do, but right now that is very rare indeed. From the looks of the winter weather that has been attacking other parts of the country and the cold that we have been suffering through, winter (even though the weather rodent did not see its shadow) looks like it wants to hang around a while. So, I need an alternative. Not mall walking, I hate the mall, hate the atmosphere, hate the need to buy something feeling that the mall brings..What I can do, is take my coats and jackets off of this over sized, fancy coat rack and turn it back into the treadmill that it is. Somewhere in this room--also known as the room where things come to die--are weights, an inflatable exercise ball, a pedometer and a rubbery rope like thing. But before I can use any of that I need to clean up and better organize the room. I'll get a week's worth of exercise doing that. Who knows what neat stuff I may find in here? Once the weather warms up enough I'm going to get that bicycle that I bought several years ago, replace the seat where the dog ate it, and start riding. I'll join my niece as she rides her bike up and down the Dirt Road. That is probably where I'll stay, or maybe try a section of the power line, but I seriously doubt I'll brave the actual road. One I'm afraid of traffic and two I'm not wearing any of those spandex things..  I could try hiking up Crowder's Mountain again, of going to Kings Mountain and finding the green way hiking trails that are up there somewhere..but I have to find someone to go with me. Uncharted territory for me is dangerous, I could start walking and end up in Nashville or maybe Atlanta.

I read somewhere, something about sleep helping on weight loss. I'll need to check into that. If its true than I definitely need to start going to bed much much earlier than what I have. Maybe even a nap here or there- but that might be pushing it. Of course I'll have to find a way to keep the cats off the bed or at least off of my feet so I won't keep waking up and tossing them to the floor so I can turn over.

The plan as of- soon- is, to make an acceptable food list. Drink more water. Exercise. I'm sure that no matter how hard I try- suffer is going to be in there somewhere as well. But- I am determined to lose that ten pounds. I also need to find my tape measure. I need to know just how big around I am now so I can keep up with inches lost as well. 

First diet- here we come..

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