Thursday, February 10, 2011

in Your name

Allow me Lord in Your name

to go gently

out into the fields

where those in need of You wait

allow me the strength

to continue on this walk

in Your name

sharing Your Gospel

sharing Your words

reflecting You, in all ways

allow me, the wisdom

to know what to say

to those that I meet

that my words are actually Yours

sharing, in a way that will draw people to You

let my actions and my smile

be a reflection of You

in all things and ways

allow me Lord

to glorify You

showing my brethren Your glory

Your most perfect love

I know, that You know all things

nothing escapes You,

nothing happens without Your knowledge

give us peace in this Lord

understanding, that for all that happens

there is a reason

we may not know or understand

in this life time

but merely know

it is so

all me Lord

to continue this walk

in Your name

speaking and sharing with others

reaching out, in compassion

reaching out, in deed

reflecting You

sharing You

glorifying You

in Your name

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