Tuesday, February 8, 2011

no other choice

Wearily she rested her forehead against the glass

she did not feel the cold of the pane

so deeply lost was she in her own inner pain

she wrapped her arms around her midriff

as she closed her eyes tightly

fighting the tears that threatened

fighting the desire to simply give in

so much, too much, to bear, yet bear it she must

there was no other choice in her mind

or in her heart

opening her eyes she looked out into the night

as many times before a sigh escapes

as she sees nothing but her own reflection

ignoring the pain in her eyes,

the lines etched on her face,

more evidence, of her suffering

tightening the grip she had on herself she still trembled

her inner turmoil a constant battle

one that she must, that she would some how win

there was no other choice

in her mind, or her heart

Her thoughts wandered away into the night

dancing on the moon beams, jumping, from star to star

sliding down the milky way

there was never sadness or misery here

no times of weariness, here it could not find her

twirling in the night sky, sailing through the night

on a comet's tail

sailing away, from the suffering she endures

sailing away, from the battle

that no ones knows

the cold of the pane, seeps into her skin

as she rest her face against the glass

accepting this her battle, this her suffering

there is no other choice,

in her mind or her heart.

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  1. Stunning write... filled with deep touching emotion and a sense of graceful weariness....