Tuesday, February 1, 2011

He can have the road- I'm staying home

It figures

My husband is a long haul truck driver. (Part of me would love to go with him and see some of those places that he's been able to see...the intelligent part of me always asks- loudly- "ARE YOU CRAZY???") I don't answer that because then I would be talking to myself and that tends to be taken as a bad sign. But- the intelligent part does have a point.

Staying home I can eat when and what I want and not worry about how I'm going to prepare it. I don't have to worry about where I'm going to store my groceries and just how long that sandwich meat will stay good. I'm not forced to eat the same things over and over again. I can eat in my own kitchen, living room or this room and not some truck stop wondering what their standards are.

Staying home I can if I take a notion watch television and actually get something resembling a program worth watching. I wouldn't be stuck with watching the same DVD's over and over again. Or have to sit in some truck stop watching a bunch of gear jammers watching grown men in tight pants fight over a football or a bunch of cars that are only supposed to turn left at a high rate of speed. Yes yes- unless of course they are on a road course..I know I know.

Staying home I can sleep in my own bed- just me and the cats. I can pile up the cover or throw it in the floor. I can have the house just as warm or cool as suits my mood by throwing another log on the fire or dropping the temp on the air conditioning or cranking up the ceiling fan. I don't have to worry about idling laws or fuel use.

Staying home laundry is much easier to do. Toss it in my own washer and dryer and there you go. I don't have to wait for a washer to come open and then stand and feed it coins until I'm broke and the clothes are maybe washed and half dried.

Staying home I can go out and walk around when I want to. I can sit in the sun, hang out in the shade stretch out on the swing in my back yard and not worry about who may be passing by.

Staying home I can talk to my friends face to face. I can call whomever I want when I want. I can play online easily. No waiting for wireless spots.

Staying home, I can use my own bathroom. Showers and bubble baths are without a doubt private. I can spend as much time as I could ever want soaking away the day. I don't have to worry just who may have been in there before me. I can wander around in my robe and jammies without worry.

Staying home I can have that hot cup of coffee when ever I want and as many as I want- which makes the bathroom thing that much better.

Staying home I usually pretty much know where I'm going...or if I don't.. I'm close enough to home I can just say "oh well" give up and go home to my coffee and chocolate..

Staying home I can sit and come up with annoying things like this--and dream of seeing the Grand Canyon, and other points west-- 'one of these days'

oh well- I about forgot why I put the 'it figures' at the top.

My husband made a delivery yesterday. What ever he was hauling (I don't ask mainly because I don't care as long as it isn't anything explosive) was wrapped in these big heavy blankets. It was secured by straps and bars and I have no idea what all else. After the truck is unloaded he gets to come back home. It is after nine when he gets home. He pulls the truck into my brother's parking area and goes into the trailer to start cleaning up. By the time our son James comes in from class. I hand him a battery powered lantern and send him down to help while I finish preparing supper (dinner for those of you not blessed to be southern--hush Brad). When everything is finished I call down there. They still had some more waiting to be done and if I wanted to come help that would be great. But- to bring a mask because they were dusty. Grabbing a dust mask and my gloves I drive down to where they are busily working away. I climb onto the back of the trailer and help finish up. The nose of that trailer was stacked high with blankets. Pallets stacked high with the straps and buckles lined one side while planks were secured on the other. When we were finished he closed up the trailer and moved the truck to where he usually parks. Calling it finished we went back to the house and ate. By the time I got in the bed it was ticking toward midnight- and I get up at 4.

My husband had a load to pick up today- he gets there and all that stuff was in the way. He had to unload all of those blankets, pallets and timbers off the trailer. After we had worked so diligently to get it all straightened out. He was tired and very frustrated when I talked to him. I didn't say it to him- I didn't really need to- but I did think- it figures. We all worked that hard for that long to straighten it out- it just figures that it would be for nothing. Ah well- it kept us busy and out of trouble .

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