Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cancer Touches us all

Cancer touches us all

by Rebecca S. Revels on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 12:07pm

Many of us have lost someone that we love to cancer. Some more recently than others, some of these we may have been related to, were friends with, worked with. It doesn't matter how well we knew them or how close we were to them. It doesn't matter the cancer battle they fought- and lost. They have left us, they battle no more. We are here to deal with their loss, and the empty spot they have left.

There are those that have battled cancer, no matter they type, and have won that battle. Even those that have gone into the fight more than once. At this moment, they are with us. I am one of those. I am a survivor- as are those that have battled and are currently battling cancer.

We go into this fight, believing we can win. More than ever before- many of us now do win this, but not all.

We go into this fight, with the love, the prayers, the help of those that know and love us.

It is not an easy battle, no matter how early or late the cancer was diagnosed. It is not an easy battle no matter the treatments undergone.

We hear the diagnoses, and then we must decide who we are going to share the information with. We share that diagnoses with those that are closest to us alone, or with whomever else we chose, small or large numbers. We may ask for prayer, assistance or we may try to do this on our own. For our own reasons.

I remember, I will always remember the expression on my brother's face when he found out. It is ingrained in my memory never to be erased. That is one of the reasons I do the things I do in this battle. My cancer physically is gone. I was diagnosed, I had a lumpectomy and radiation. I am a survivor. But---I am forever changed. Many things in this life change us, for the better or worse.

My cancer has made me stronger than I ever was. My diet has changed, my activity levels have changed, my very thought processes...have changed. I find peace in my faith and in the simple things around me. I am more content in what I have, not seeking out the many material things because realization is, they won't keep me healthy, they won't make me happy. They are in fact, simply things. I have become more outspoken at least in this, my story.

While I was fighting my cancer, there were days, especially while I was undergoing the radiation treatments, when I felt as if it was impossible to put one foot in front of the other. I had no energy, I was moving, working, living on will power and faith. Even as tired I was during the day, I still took the time, made the effort to take a daily walk. There I found a great peace and the strength, to keep fighting. Many friends sent me cards (that I still have), many prayed for me, many sent me messages of encouragement. And I fought on.

I won my battle. I am cancer free. There are those- as I said- that do not. We are made less by their loss. Yet, we are made stronger. We look to this and we grow angry. We look to this their loss and we grow determined. We will fight to not lose another loved one, another friend, another co-worker- another friend of a friend of a friend to cancer. We grow determined that our best friend's mother, sister, father, brother will not lose his battle.

I do this by writing about it. By telling my story, by sharing what I dealt with, what I did, how far I have come. I do this, by my writing, and simply talking with those somewhere in the battle. I do this, by participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. I stay the entire night. I stay for those who have battled and won. I stay for those who have battled and lost. I stay for myself. I walk the Survivor lap and I walk the very last Celebratory lap. I watch the sun go down, the luminaries being lit and I watch the sun come up. It is my wish, my desire, my see an end to cancer. Part of that we can bring about in lifestyle changes, part of that will need those that work to discover a cure. But they need funding, that is where Relay for Life comes in. There are many ways to support Relay for Life- ask me, check in with your local chapter, as someone you know that is involved. Make a donation of your time, your talent, your cash.

Cancer is a terrible disease that shows no favor. It takes whomever it chooses. Let us, together, put an end to it. Let us work so that more of those that face cancer will celebrate more birthdays- healthy and cancer free.

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